BCD Social Media Support

If you need non-medical support then please get in touch through one of our many Social Media channels. We will try and help you out as best we can through shared experiences and friendship. Blue Circle Diabetes Support group is just one amazing way to get support with your diabetes, but it's not the only way. There are a couple of other options available to you too.


There are other diabetes support groups out there in Wales for all different ages and in different locations. From parent support groups for those who have children with the condition to support groups for those specifically with Type 2 diabetes. There is a great directory on the Diabetes UK website to enable you to find a support group in your area. To go along to, help out or just share experiences with.

Care Events

If you are unsure as to whether support services are for you there are care events available, that would allow you to go along as a one off event to see if you like it. You can still make friends and learn about diabetes at these events and once again there are different ones depending on your needs. For example the Diabetes UK Family Days that were held this year and will occur again next year. These are for families where children or teenagers have diabetes but their parents and siblings are welcomed too. The children and teens do fun activities and learn about managing their diabetes whilst the parents get to meet each other and attend talks on the condition.

Peer Support Line

If you don't want to wait for an event to happen and would prefer to speak to someone on the same day, Diabetes UK run a peer support line where you can actually speak to people with diabetes themselves or another parent for example. The line is open Sunday to Friday throughout the week between 6pm and 9pm and is run by trained volunteers. Charges apply but the number is 0843 353 8600. Or alternatively you can email the peer support line and they will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.