Diabetes Tips

Top Tips For Diabetes

As we all know each persons diabetes can vary greatly, but one of the great things about sharing in each others experiences is also being able to share in the helpful hints and tips we pick up along the way. So here are some to be found below on the subject of hypos. The topic for 'top tips for diabetes' will change and update every month. But if there is something that you would like to see here or share please get in contact.


  • Keep something to treat a hypo with, like glucose tablets or a non-diet drink, with your child at all times in case they feel hypo.
  • Make sure your child carries some form of ID – an identity card, bracelet or necklace. This ID will alert people to your child’s diabetes very quickly and will help them to help your child if they are having a hypo.
  • Make sure anyone who looks after your child knows what their hypo symptoms are and how to treat a hypo.
  • Ask your paediatric diabetes team how much fast-acting carbohydrate your child needs to treat a hypo. And remember as they get older, they’ll need more.
  • Check with your team whether your child needs a follow on snack of long-acting carbohydrate.
  • Has your child had a severe hypo or are they having mild hypos very regularly? If so, discuss with your paediatric diabetes team.
  • Have you got a glucagon injection, and are you confident in how to use it? If not, talk to your paediatric diabetes team.