Our Cardiff group is where it all started and it continues to grow and grow. We love meeting new faces so why not come along to our next meeting and find out how our unique approach to support and friendship could give you the tools to have confidence in your diabetes. Here is a little bit about the Cardiff BCD group and why you should come and meet us.

How do I get involved?

It is simple, just get in contact with us by e-mail using the address Please remember to include details of your name, age and contact phone number and we will get in touch shortly afterwards welcoming you to the group and giving you all the details you will need. If you would rather get in touch via our social channels we have plenty to choose from; just select the one that is best for you.

Why should I join?

The group is run by young people with diabetes, so if you are aged between 18-30 we are run by people just like you. We have a lot more in common than just diabetes; the groups aim is to let you talk about diabetes in a friendly and relaxed environment without judgement. Knowing your in good company. We will offer support for any diabetes related issues but our main purpose is to offer friendship and fun times in an environment where testing your blood levels is just the norm and people let you just be you. Although please bare in mind that we are not medical professionals and are unable to give out medical advice.

What do I need to join?

Nothing but yourself (a sense of humour and a hint of fun). There are no membership fees, we won't ask for donations - we just want to make great friends with a passion to share experiences and all the group to grow as a community, online and in person. We always want to see new faces so pop down whenever is best for you, there is no commitment to meet up every week just fit the meetings around your life.

Do I need to live in Cardiff to join? 

Nope! You don't have to live in Cardiff to come join us, as long as you are able to travel into Cardiff. We always choose a place with good travel links. Of course, if you have your own transport feel free to just turn up to our next meeting.

I don't live in Cardiff and I am not close enough to get to Cardiff - how can I be involved? 

We strive to be a group driven by social media as well as meeting in person. So just get yourself a Google+ account (if you have a gmail account you may not realise you are already signed up) and make sure you join our page. We will then set up a Google Hangout where we can meet up online, on you computer, phone or tablet!

I need support, but don't feel comfortable telling the whole group - can I still get support? 

Of course! We are group run by young people with diabetes and we understand sometimes you don't want the whole world to know your problem. Our e-mail address is confidential and run by the group leader. They will help support you in any way you may need, giving you advice, support and helping you through any difficulties. You can also DM us on Twitter or send the page a message on Facebook, all of which will remain confidential.

I want to help volunteer to help the group - how can I get involved? 

We would be thrilled that you want to help us out. All you would need to do is speak to one of our Group Leaders by e-mail or in person and we can arrange all the tools you may need to help out.

Get in touch with our team to talk more about how you can meet up with us, we would love to meet you! We are always looking for more people to come and join us and don't worry if you don't want to come by yourself bring a friend (or two) You can come join us at any point.

More Information 

Is Blue Circle Diabetes Support Group for You? 

Are you ages 18 – 30+? Don't worry if your over 30, we won't judge you. But at the moment we aren't open to under 18's. However, we are associated with an awesome group called the Diabetes UK Young Persons Project Group. Which is for young adults and their families from 13-17 years. They have at least two events a year where people that age can meet up and do fun activities whilst learning about their diabetes.

How often so we meet? 

We meet every 6 weeks- so it's not too big a commitment. You can come to some and not others as it suits you best. But obviously you'll get a greater sense of support with the more that you come to. All we ask is that you let us know on the facebook group about whether you can make it.

Where do we meet? 

We always meet in a public place so that new member's can find it and feel at home. There always easy to get to, but

How much does it cost? 

We don't charge anything for joining the support group and any activities we do are paid for by the individual. But for every event we do our best to keep the costs to a minimum.

Who is responsible for me? 

As we are all adults, we are each responsible for ourselves. Any alcohol consumed is at your own risk and it is also your responsibility to look after your diabetes and bring your diabetes items with you.