Diabetes Support

People with diabetes can often feel that the physical side of their condition gets all of the attention. Much time is spent measuring blood sugars, checking insulin regimes and assessing diets. However, what about the psychological side? Having diabetes can sometimes make you feel self conscious, left out, different or simply stressed at the balancing act between diabetes and life. But who is looking after this? We've learnt that talking about your diabetes and sharing experiences good, bad or ugly makes a real difference to how you feel about having the condition. So we want to provide a platform to do just that.

Support through socialising

Being aged in the bracket of 18-30 ourselves we know that support needs to be offered in a way that will suit young peoples' lifestyles. Managing your diabetes shouldn't get in the way of you doing anything. So the website provides a couple of options to get in contact and get supported. The site itself is a source of information and a tool to update you with the details of the next meeting. There is also a blog to help discuss the topics effecting people with diabetes at the moment. The Facebook site is an opportunity for you to talk and share experiences and twitter is a chance to get in touch with the worldwide diabetes online community. The meetings themselves are a great opportunity to meet others with the condition, discuss your diabetes or don't discuss your diabetes if that's what you choose and just enjoy the company. But do come along and be social!


The very idea of Blue Circle Diabetes Support Group was formed through volunteering. Volunteering with other people with diabetes brought people together, it helped us share our experiences and helped us to help others. Seeing what coming together can do and what happened when people with diabetes get together, it was clear something amazing happens. A great example of this was when the group had it's initial meetings and on leaving I asked one of the people who attended if they'd had a good time. Their response was...

“My cheeks are aching from smiling and laughing so much, it was great!”

And I think that sums up exactly what we're about, but don't just take our word for it- come along!